About Yield to Joy...

Learn how to surrender to your Higher Power and live to laugh about it.

If you want to live a life of unlimited joy, follow the teachings from A Course in Miracles outlined in Yield to Joy. (Do try this at home!) Discover that:

  • "Problems" are really forgiveness opportunities. 
  • Repressed fears rise to the surface in order to be healed.
  • Healing and forgiveness are identical.
  • By giving fears to your Higher Power, they are undone. (Great deal!)
  • Forgiveness is not enabling. (Also, not enabling is forgiveness.)
  • Through practice, you can learn to hear and follow Divine Guidance. 
  • When you open your heart, love and joy are there.
  • You can experience your True Self by breaking the habit of wanting.
  • There is a perfect Plan for the healing of your mind.
  • Every situation is an Enlightenment Opportunity.
  • Only your willingness is necessary.

Pamela Whitman illuminates the Atonement principles of A Course Miracles using stick figure drawings, meditations, prayers, personal examples, mystical experiences and a spoon full of sugar. Start reading NOW with the "Look Inside" feature.

“Do you want to learn how not to block love anymore? In Yield to Joy, Pamela Whitman brings profound spiritual teachings to us in the most practical ways. To many, A Course in Miracles is challenging to understand, and Pamela gently assists us in increasing our ability and willingness to remove the obstacles to love through forgiveness. Rather than being challenging or demanding, Pamela brings us to a relaxed place within our self, and at that moment, we see, accept, and return to the Love of God.”

—Dr. Lee Jampolsky, author of Healing the Addictive Personality

“Pamela Whitman’s book, Yield to Joy, belongs on the bookshelf of any person who is currently a student of A Course in Miracles or who is considering becoming one. Whitman beautifully blends elements of her personal journey through life with specific passages from the Course. I found the book not only interesting because her life has been very interesting but I loved the element of review that tying her experiences to appropriate passages offered. 

Every page offered a thumbnail to the Course itself and as a 30+ year Course student, I loved that. You will be enlightened by Yield to Joy.”

—Karen Casey, author of 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles and Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course


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