Lectures and Workshops

Pamela Whitman has been a motivational speaker and soloist at Organizational Functions, Spiritual Centers and Mindfulness Events since 2005. She has presented her inspirational talks to groups along the East Coast from Connecticut to Florida and as far West as Nevada.

Her in-depth workshops have influenced adults and children nationally since 1989. She uses her collection of flutes from around the world to weave live music into her presentations.

Pamela is an ordained minister of A Course in Miracles. She has been a devoted student of "the Course" since 1989. Her "Miracles" and "The Miracle Revolution" radio programs were broadcast on Unity.FM, WLFR FM (91.7) in New Jersey and on the Himalayan Broadcasting Network in Kathmandu, Nepal for a total of ten years.

Pamela uses a spoon full of sugar in her inspirational talks. She often uses stick figure drawings to illustrate the healing process and likes to laugh at the ego. In 2012 she had a Revelation experience while sitting in an Indian restaurant. She describes Holy Instants as "snack-sized" versions of Revelation.

Pamela is equally at home presenting in schools, New Thought Churches, Governmental Organizations, Women’s Groups, Yoga Groups, Corporate Meetings and nontraditional gatherings. She tailors her presentations to the needs of the organization.

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